Introducing the Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund (KAGIX)

By Bruce DeLaurentis - October 2020

Kensington Asset Management, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of the Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund (“KAGIX"), a Mutual Fund that offers an active, non-traditional approach to managing risk in equity securities. The Fund's portfolio manager, Bruce DeLaurentis has employed a similar strategy in the separately managed account (SMA) format since 2015.

The investment approach relies on a proprietary model-based framework designed to detect and act on market trends. Investors in KAGIX can potentially benefit from participation in rising markets, with potential low correlation to the market during periods of volatility or distress. KAGIX’s overall goal is to generate above-average risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle.

KAGIX seeks to alternate between equity index securities during favorable market trends and a combination of money market and Treasury securities of varying maturities in unfavorable trends.

“Kensington is thrilled to expand our product suite through the launch of the Dynamic Growth Fund,” said Bruce DeLaurentis, founder of Kensington and portfolio manager for the Fund. “In our opinion, the treacherous market conditions experienced in the wake of the global pandemic only underscore the need for an effective, time-tested active management approach. We believe KAGIX can potentially assist growth-oriented investors by providing a tactical, risk-managed approach to equity investing.”

The mutual fund's structure provides the following benefits:

      • Generally broad diversification with low initial investments
      • Access to top professional investment management expertise
      • Cost-efficiency (due to scale)
      • Daily liquidity and trading execution
Mr. DeLaurentis also serves as portfolio manager to the Kensington Managed Income Fund, currently advised by Advisors Preferred, LLC. Launched in May 2019, the Kensington Managed Income Fund has approximately $244 million of Assets Under Management as of October 26, 2020.

The Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund is available through several custodial platforms. Please see the prospectus for details relating to the expenses of each class.

Mutual Fund Symbols:

    A Share C Share I Share      
Ticker Symbol   KAGAX KAGCX KAGIX      
CUSIP Number   00771F616 00771F590 00771F582      
Minimum Investment1   $1,000 $1,000 $25,000      
1Investment minimums are waived to fee-based advisors and certain other investors.

Advisors Preferred, LLC serves as the Adviser to the Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund, distributed by Ceros Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.  Kensington Asset Management, LLC serves as the subadviser to the Fund and is not affiliated with the adviser and/or distributor.

Advisors Preferred, LLC  serves as Adviser to the Kensington Managed Income Fund, distributed by Ceros Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. 

Advisors Preferred and Ceros are commonly held affiliates. 

Mr. DeLaurentis is an investment adviser of Advisors Preferred, LLC and Kensington Asset Management, LLC.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund before investing. This information can be found in the Fund's prospectus and summary prospectus which should be read carefully.  To obtain a copy of the prospectus and summary prospectus, please call 877.891.1222 or access on the KAGIX Fund Documents section of our website.

There is no guarantee the Fund will achieve its investment objectives.  There is no guarantee any investment strategy will generate a profit or prevent a loss. 

Investing in a mutual fund involves risk, including loss of principal.  Risks specific to the Kensington Dynamic Growth Fund are detailed in the prospectus and include Equity Risk, ETF Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Limited History of Operations Risk, Management Risk, Market Risk, Mutual Fund Risk, Non-Diversification Risk, Small- and Mid-Capitalization Companies Risk, and Turnover Risk. For details regarding each risk, please see the Fund's prospectus.


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